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Resilience strategies for flood risk management in the Netherlands
Abstract A comparison is made between the current flood risk management policy in the Netherlands, which is a resistance strategy aimed at the prevention of flooding along the lower Rhine River byExpand
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Flood risk perception and implications for flood risk management in the Netherlands
Abstract A society well@aware of risks must not only give attention to the prevention of flood risks but must also consider disaster management, i.e. minimising casualties and flood damages, andExpand
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Towards flood risk management in the EU: State of affairs with examples from various European countries
Abstract On 27 June 2006 the Council of the European Union reached political agreement on a draft directive on the assessment and management of flood risks. This directive prescribes approaches andExpand
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Design quality of room-for-the-river measures in the Netherlands: role and assessment of the quality team (Q-team)
In the 1990s, the Netherlands government changed its policy on river flood management, away from recurrently raising embankments and towards, in contrast, making more room for the rivers. When theExpand
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Towards sustainable flood risk management in the Rhine and Meuse river basins: synopsis of the findings of IRMA-SPONGE
Recent flood events in western Europe have shown the need for improved flood risk management along the Rhine and Meuse rivers. In response, the IRMA-SPONGE research programme was established,Expand
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An analysis of the current practice of policies on river flood risk management in different countries
The Netherlands Centre for River Studies (NCR) organised a special session on River Flood Risk Management in Different Parts of the World, during the 3rd International Symposium of Flood DefenceExpand
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Mandatory Pensions and Personal Savings in The Netherlands*
The Netherlands has a relatively generous social security system and a wide coverage of individuals by private (occupational) pension schemes. Total household savings are rather high and fairlyExpand
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The meaning of system robustness for flood risk management
We present a conceptual framework for analysing system robustness, and we suggest how the robustness of flood risk systems can be quantified. Expand
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Adaptive flood risk management planning based on a comprehensive flood risk conceptualisation
Densely populated deltas are so vulnerable to sea level rise and climate change that they cannot wait for global mitigation to become effective. The Netherlands therefore puts huge efforts inExpand
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