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Drug targeting to tumors: principles, pitfalls and (pre-) clinical progress.
Intentions strongly suggest that besides making ever more nanomedicine formulations, future efforts should also address some of the conceptual drawbacks of drug targeting to tumors, and that strategies should be developed to overcome these shortcomings. Expand
Microcirculation and microvasculature in breast tumors: Pharmacokinetic analysis of dynamic MR image series
The functional imaging technique presented appears promising to quantitatively characterize tumor pathophysiology and its impact on diagnosis and therapy management of breast tumors, however, has to be evaluated in larger patient studies. Expand
MicroRNA-155 promotes atherosclerosis by repressing Bcl6 in macrophages.
It is demonstrated that miR-155 plays a key role in atherogenic programming of macrophages to sustain and enhance vascular inflammation. Expand
MicroRNA-126-5p promotes endothelial proliferation and limits atherosclerosis by suppressing Dlk1
It is shown that endothelial miR-126-5p maintains a proliferative reserve in ECs through suppression of the Notch1 inhibitor delta-like 1 homolog (Dlk1) and thereby prevents atherosclerotic lesion formation and introduces a potential therapeutic approach. Expand
Vascular normalization in Rgs5-deficient tumours promotes immune destruction
This is the first demonstration, to the authors' knowledge, of reduced tumour angiogenesis and improved immune therapeutic outcome on loss of a vascular gene function and establishes a previously unrecognized role of G-protein signalling in tumourAngiogenesis. Expand
GPU-Accelerated Sparse Matrix-Matrix Multiplication by Iterative Row Merging
We present an algorithm for general sparse matrix-matrix multiplication (SpGEMM) on many-core architectures, such as GPUs. SpGEMM is implemented by iterative row merging, similar to merge sort, exc...
Inhibition of platelet-derived growth factor signaling attenuates pulmonary fibrosis
It is indicated that inhibition of fibrogenesis, rather than inflammation, is critical to antifibrotic treatment and points the way to a potential new approach for treating idiopathic or therapy-related forms of lung fibrosis. Expand
Dominant-negative inhibition of the Axl receptor tyrosine kinase suppresses brain tumor cell growth and invasion and prolongs survival.
The findings implicate Axl in gliomagenesis and validate it as a promising target for the development of approaches toward a therapy of these highly aggressive but, as yet, therapy-refractory, tumors. Expand
Flt-1 signaling in macrophages promotes glioma growth in vivo.
Results suggest that Flt-1 signaling in myeloid cells is essential to amplify the angiogenic response and to promote glioma growth. Expand
Tracer kinetic modelling of tumour angiogenesis based on dynamic contrast-enhanced CT and MRI measurements
DCE imaging offers promising prospects for improved tumour diagnosis, individualization of cancer treatment as well as the evaluation of novel therapeutic concepts in preclinical and early-stage clinical trials. Expand