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Is it a bug or an enhancement?: a text-based approach to classify change requests
This paper investigates whether the text of the issues posted in bug tracking systems is enough to classify them into corrective maintenance and other kinds of activities. Expand
An Empirical Study of the Impact of Two Antipatterns, Blob and Spaghetti Code, on Program Comprehension
We performed an empirical study to investigate whether the occurrence of antipatterns does indeed affect the understandability of systems by developers during comprehension and maintenance tasks. Expand
Do faster releases improve software quality? An empirical case study of Mozilla Firefox
In this paper, we empirically study the development process of Mozilla Firefox in 2010 and 2011, a period during which the project transitioned to a shorter release cycle. Expand
Late propagation in software clones
We study late propagation, a specific pattern of clone evolution, and show that it is more risky than other clone genealogies. Expand
An Exploratory Study of the Impact of Code Smells on Software Change-proneness
We detect 29 code smells in 9 releases of Azureus and in 13 releases of Eclipse, and study the relation between classes with these code smells and class change-proneness. Expand
On rapid releases and software testing: a case study and a semi-systematic literature review
We analyze the changes in software testing effort after moving to rapid releases in the context of a case study on Mozilla Firefox, and performs a semi-systematic literature review. Expand
An exploratory study of the impact of antipatterns on class change- and fault-proneness
We investigate the impact of antipatterns on classes in object-oriented systems by studying the relation between the presence of antip atterns and the change- and fault-proneness of the classes. Expand
A Bayesian Approach for the Detection of Code and Design Smells
The presence of code and design smells can have a severe impact on the quality of a program. Expand
BDTEX: A GQM-based Bayesian approach for the detection of antipatterns
We present BDTEX (Bayesian Detection Expert), a Goal Question Metric (GQM) based approach to build Bayesian Belief Networks (BBNs) from the definitions of antipatterns. Expand
Automatic summarization of API reviews
  • Gias Uddin, F. Khomh
  • Computer Science
  • 32nd IEEE/ACM International Conference on…
  • 30 October 2017
We present two algorithms (statistical and aspect-based) to summarize opinions about APIs using both our proposed techniques and existing six off-the-shelf techniques. Expand