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Risk Based NIST Effectiveness Analysis for Cloud Security
An analysis of each process and control of the standard was carried out and revealed that NIST SP 800-53. Expand
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Ectopic Expression of Plant RNA Chaperone Offering Multiple Stress Tolerance in E. coli
Members of the plant glycine-rich RNA-binding proteins (GR-RBPs) family have been reported in flowering, development, circadian rhythms, biotic and abiotic stresses. Particularly, GR-RBPs areExpand
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Adaptive Optics for Autofocusing Eyeglasses
We propose a lightweight adaptive-optics auto-focusing eyeglasses that augment the accommodation range of vision for presbyopia correction. Expand
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The toxicity effects of heavy metals (lead and cadmium) on germination, root length and dry biomass of tree species viz., Thespesia populneoides, Leucaena leucocephala and Delonex regia wereExpand
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Characterization of two novel drought responsive genes in wheat
Drought stress modulates the expression levels of numerous stress responsive genes which are not yet independently characterized in detail. Isolation and molecular characterization of the novel genesExpand
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Electromagnetic performance analysis of partitioned stator hybrid excitation switched flux machine
In this paper proposed the hybrid excited partitioned stator switch flux (HE-PSSF) machine, in which armature winding placed on outer stator while field winding and permanent magnetic (PM) are housedExpand
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An Overview of Lexicon-Based Approach For Sentiment Analysis
Sentiment Analysis is the extraction of thoughts, attitudes and subjectivity of script or text to identify polarity i.e. positive, negative or neutral. There are three methods available for sentimentExpand
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Renewable Sources Grid Interfacing System
Energy demand throughout the world has been increasing rapidly. The present energy sources such as oil reserves, coal deposits, natural gas are exhaustible and getting limited in supply. Therefore,Expand
Secure Data Management in Smart Meter as an Application of IoT
The Internet of Things(IoT) is evolving rapidly and hence it becomes a necessity to understand the security challenges that can be faced by the IoT network and devices. The IoT devices are calledExpand
The over-expression of a glycine-rich RNA-binding protein in Nicotiana tabacum and its roles in plant stress tolerance
Glycine-rich RNA-binding proteins (GR-RBPs) have been explored in different plant species for their role in development and environmental stress responses. NtGR-RBP1, a tobacco glycine-richExpand