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Uncertainty Matters: Computer Models at the Science–Policy Interface
It is concluded that public confidence in models is highly dependent on the way uncertainties are addressed and suggest possible directions of action to improve the current situation.
Medikamentenentsorgung in privaten Haushalten: Ein Faktor bei der Gewässerbelastung mit Arzneimittelwirkstoffen?
ZusammenfassungHintergrundRückstände von Humanpharmaka werden mittlerweile verbreitet in der aquatischen Umwelt nachgewiesen. Der Haupteintag erfolgt dabei über die kommunalen Kläranlagen: Nach der
Social Ecology as Critical, Transdisciplinary Science—Conceptualizing, Analyzing and Shaping Societal Relations to Nature
The sustainability discourse is, essentially, centered on the question of how complex relations between nature and society can be conceptualized, analyzed and shaped. In this paper, we present a
Reallabore im Kontext transdisziplinärer Forschung
Reallabore etablieren sich zunehmend als neue Forschungsinfrastrukturen, mit denen sozial-ökologische Transformationen angestoßen werden sollen. Forschungsförderer und Wissenschaft versprechen sich
Before the curtain falls: endocrine-active pesticides--a German contamination legacy.
The meta data of lists and databanks that address pesticides with potentially endocrine-disrupting properties are evaluated, and which of the 250 active ingredients currently in use in Germany are affected are checked.
How can transdisciplinary research contribute to knowledge democracy
In any society, a wide diversity of actors has relevant knowledge concerning important societal problems. In a knowledge democracy both dominant and non-dominant actors have equal access and ability
Pharmaceuticals for Human Use: An Integrated Strategy for Reducing the Contamination of Water Bodies
It must be expected, however, that the problem will be aggravated in coming years, since the demographic development in Europe towards increasingly aging societies will bring with it an increase in consumption of medicinal products.