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Human Toxicology of Pesticides
Introduction. Organophosphorus Compounds. Carbamates. Organochlorine Compounds. Synthetic Pyrethroids. Organotin Compounds. Organomercurial Compounds. Dithiocarbamate Compounds. BenzimidazoleExpand
Estimation of Human Exposure to Mixtures of Chemicals : Methods of Clinical Surveillance
The effects of mixtures of chemicals are most often reported to consist of psychological and neurological disorders, toxic liver disease, nephropathy, respiratory diseases, etc. As the factorsExpand
The influence of large doses of MANEB on the progeny of albino rats.
Toxicological evaluation of agromet (Metalaxyl) preparation.
A complex toxicological study was carried out in relation to the hygienic standardization of the fungicide preparation Ridomil, whose forthcoming production in this country will be under the name Metalaxyl, with results that permitted the Agromet preparation to be put in III class--moderately toxic according to limiting index LD50 oral. Expand
Inhibition of monoamine oxidase activity after combined action of chlordimeform with the antidepressant nialamide
The 40-day oral administration of 5, 10, and 50 mg/kg chlordimeform to male rats moderately decreased monoamine oxidase activity (MAO) in the brain, liver, and serum, determined with the substratesExpand
Carbohydrate metabolism disorders in the liver and muscles in acute parathion poisonings.
Dose effect relationship for some specific effects of dithiocarbamates.
Data from a chronic experiment on albino rat thyroid gland and gonads and teratogenicity give grounds to recommend a higher security coefficient in hygiene standardization. Expand
Occupational Health Criteria for the Evaluation of Pesticides
The Subcommittee on Pesticides of the Permanent Commission and International Association on Occupational Heal th organized a Workshop on "Occupational Heal th Criteria for the Evaluation ofExpand