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Examples of Problem Solving Using Computer Algebra
  • D. Duval, F. Jung
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Programming Environments for High-Level…
  • 23 September 1991
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Power series solutions for non-linear PDE's
This paper describes an algorithmic method iterative method for searching power series solutions of partial differential equations with support in some convex cone of RN. Expand
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Solving “generalized algebraic equations”
The classical Newton polygon method for the resolution of algebraic equations in one variable can be extended rst to the case of equations of the type f(y) = 0, where f is a polynomial in y, whose coe cients involve logarithms and exponentials. Expand
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An algorithm of multisummation of formal power series, solutions of linear ODE equations
In the neighbourhood of irregular singularities the formal power series solutions of complex analytic ordinary differential equations are generally divergent. The resummation theory developed by J.Expand
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Resolvent and rational canonical forms of matrices
The goal of this paper is to explain how to derive from the resolvent of a matrix the following classical rational canonical forms: the Dunford decomposition, the rational spectral decompose, the Jacobson and the rational Jordan forms (with corresponding change of basis matrices). Expand
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