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The effects of tannin-rich plants on parasitic nematodes in ruminants.
Apart from the obvious role of plants in herbivore nutrition, they are also a rich source of bioactive products that can operate either to the benefit or the detriment of grazing animals. Here, weExpand
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From Metaphysics to Ethics
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Conceptual analysis and reductive explanation
Is conceptual analysis required for reductive explanation? If there is no a priori entailment from microphysical truths to phenomenal truths, does reductive explanation of the phenomenal fail? We sayExpand
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Program explanation: a general perspective
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Perception: A Representative Theory
The distinction between mediate and immediate objects of perception three uses of "looks" the existence of mental objects the case for sense-data colour and science the objections toExpand
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The Emergence of Resistance to the Benzimidazole Anthlemintics in Parasitic Nematodes of Livestock Is Characterised by Multiple Independent Hard and Soft Selective Sweeps
Anthelmintic resistance is a major problem for the control of parasitic nematodes of livestock and of growing concern for human parasite control. However, there is little understanding of howExpand
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Reference and Description Revisited
L'A. defend une theorie de la description de la reference dans la langue parlee et dans la langue ecrite en insistant sur le fait que l'on accede aux objets par l'intermediaire de leurs proprietes.Expand
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Veterinary anthelmintics: old and new.
Between 1960 and 1980, extraordinary success was achieved in anthelmintic development for animals. In these 20 years, drugs with diverse structure, novel activity and enviable safety were producedExpand
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