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Freeing Astronomy from Philosophy: An Aspect of Islamic Influence on Science
Dans cet article, l'auteur se concentre sur l'influence de l'Islam sur le developpement de l'astronomie. Apres avoir propose l'etude d'un cas precis, l'auteur rappelle qu'il n'y avait pas un point deExpand
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The Persian context of the TŪsī couple
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The Two Versions of the Tūs? Couple
HE ATTEMPT by Nasir al-Din al-Tiisi (1201-1274Ia to reform the Ptolemaic T system has been known in the West (at least in the Modern Period) since the appearance in 1893 of Carra de Vaux’ translationExpand
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A shared legacy Islamic Science East and West: homage to professor J.M. Millàs Vallicrosa
Editors: Emilia calvo, Merce Comes, Roser Puig, Monica Rius. Assistents: Theodoro Loinaz, Cristina Moreno
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Before Copernicus : the cultures and contexts of scientific learning in the fifteenth century
these decisions were made, to more fully understand why as well as how the school changed as it did. Grundy identifies as a desegregation advocate. She came to the story of West Charlotte seeking toExpand
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