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Oceanic and local environmental conditions as forcing mechanisms of the glass eel recruitment to the southernmost European estuary
Abstract The main oceanic and local environmental traits forcing the glass eel Anguilla anguilla (L., 1758) recruitment to the southernmost European estuary, the Guadalquivir (SW Spain), were studiedExpand
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Length–weight relationships for 22 fish species of the Mar Menor coastal lagoon (western Mediterranean Sea)
Summary Length–weight relationships were estimated for 22 species of the Mar Menor coastal lagoon (south-eastern Spain): Lipophrys dalmatinus, Salaria pavo, Callionymus pusillus, Aphanius iberus,Expand
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A review of length–weight relationships of fish from the Segura River basin (SE Iberian Peninsula)
Summary We present the relationships between fork length and total weight for 14 fish species from the Segura River basin (southeastern Spain): Barbus sclateri, Chondrostoma polylepis, GobioExpand
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Assessment of fish assemblages in coastal lagoon habitats: Effect of sampling method
Abstract The structure of fish assemblages accounted for by different sampling methods (namely fyke net, seine nets, visual census) applied to vegetated and unvegetated lagoon habitats wasExpand
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Length-weight relationships for 20 species collected in the Jurumirim reservoir (Paranapanema Basin, Brazil)
Summary Length–weight relationships were estimated for 20 species of the Jurumirim reservoir (southern Brazil): one Pimelodidae, one Callichthyidae, six Characidae, one Prochilodontidae, sixExpand
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Effects of Shoreline Urban Modification on Habitat Structure and Fish Community in Littoral Areas of a Mediterranean Coastal Lagoon (Mar Menor, Spain)
The shallow habitats of coastal lagoons play an invaluable role for fish communities as nursery areas and provide essential habitats for threatened fish species. Shoreline modification is anExpand
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Biology of the endangered cyprinodontid Aphanius iberus in a saline wetland (SE Iberian Peninsula)
For the last few decades, Aphanius iberus, an endemic cyprinodontid from the Iberian Peninsula and included in international red lists, has been declining despite several management efforts. In thisExpand
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Diversification within glacial refugia: tempo and mode of evolution of the polytypic fish Barbus sclateri
A diversity of evolutionary processes can be responsible for generating and maintaining biodiversity. Molecular markers were used to investigate the influence of Plio‐Pleistocene climaticExpand
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