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Evaluation of Olive Cultivars for Resistance to Verticillium dahliae
Resistance of 23 important olive cultivars to Verticillium dahliae has been evaluated in four experiments under controlled conditions. Nine-month-old nursery olive plants were inoculated with aExpand
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Verticillium wilt of olive: a case study to implement an integrated strategy to control a soil-borne pathogen
Olive (Olea europaea L.) is one of the first domesticated and cultivated tree species and has historical, social and economical relevance. However, its future as a strategic commodity inExpand
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Relationship Between the Inoculum Density of Verticillium dahliae and the Progress of Verticillium Wilt of Olive.
An experiment was conducted in microplots which were artificially infested with a defoliating isolate of Verticillium dahliae using seven different treatments of inoculum densities ranging from 0 toExpand
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Field Resistance to Verticillium Wilt in Selected Olive Cultivars Grown in Two Naturally Infested Soils.
The resistance of 11 olive cultivars to Verticillium dahliae was assessed in two experimental field trials. One-year-old rooted olive cuttings from the World Olive Germplasm Bank (IFAPA researchExpand
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Effective inoculation methods to screen for resistance to Verticillium wilt in olive
a b s t r a c t Effective inoculation methods to screen for Verticillium wilt resistance are essential for the development of olive cultivars resistant to this devastating disease. Three inoculationExpand
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Verticillium wilt of olive and its control: The heat is on
Plant and Soil recently published a comprehensive and critical Marschner review about Verticillium wilt (López-Escudero and Mercado-Blanco 2011), one of the most threatening biotic constraints forExpand
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The Influence of Irrigation Frequency on the Onset and Development of Verticillium Wilt of Olive.
The influence of irrigation frequency on the onset and development of Verticillium wilt of olive (VWO) was studied. A split-plot design in microplots with naturally infested soil was established forExpand
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Effect of Inoculum Density on Verticillium Wilt Incidence in Commercial Olive Orchards
Verticillium wilt, caused by Verticillium dahliae Kleb., is presently the most destructive disease of olive, particularly in Andalucia (southern Spain). ‘Picual’ and ‘Arbequina’ are the dominantExpand
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Effect of the irrigation dose on Verticillium wilt of olive
Abstract From autumn 2012 to autumn 2013 a survey comprising 70 olive orchards was carried out in an Irrigation Community of the central Guadalquivir Valley, (Andalucia, Southern Spain) with theExpand
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Effect of a Single or Double Soil Solarization to Control Verticillium Wilt in Established Olive Orchards in Spain.
Four soil solarization experiments were completed in three commercial olive orchards infested with Verticillium dahliae in southern Spain. Three of the experiments used lines of trees and one usedExpand
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