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Assessment of Frequency and Causes of Medication Errors in Pediatrics and Emergency Wards of Teaching Hospitals Affiliated to Tehran University of Medical Sciences (24 Hospitals)
Introduction and Objective: Medical errors and adverse events are among the major causes of avoidable deaths and costs incurred on health systems all over the world. Medical errors are among the mainExpand
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Comparison of systemic stress responses between percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) and open nephrolithotomy.
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Stimulation of patient's immune response and therefore increasing inflammatory indices in patients who underwent invasive treatment methods for kidney stone removing can beExpand
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Preventing Medicine mistakes in pediatric and neonatal patients
Medicine mistakes are significant issues that happen in clinic environments. Several portions make the pediatric community extra sensitive to medicine faults, and possible complexities are risingExpand
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Effect of melatonin in reducing second-generation antipsychotic metabolic effects: A double blind controlled clinical trial.
INTRODUCTION The use of second-generation atypical antipsychotics has an increasing role in the development of metabolic syndrome. However, these medications due to metabolic disorders can lead to anExpand
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Studies on combination of oxaliplatin and dendrosomal nanocurcumin on proliferation, apoptosis induction, and long non-coding RNA expression in ovarian cancer cells
Drug resistance remains a major challenge in the treatment of patients with ovarian cancer. Therefore, the development of new anticancer drugs is a clinical priority to develop more effectiveExpand
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The effect of lamotrigine on learning in mice using the passive avoidance model
INTRODUCTION Lamotrigine (LTG) is an antiepileptic drug that inhibits the release of glutamate by blocking sodium channels. The present study was conducted to evaluate the effect of LTG in differentExpand
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Effect of intravenous pentoxifylline in inflammatory response in patients undergoing nephrolithotomy.
PURPOSE To determine the potential efficacy of intravenous (IV) infusion of pentoxifylline (PTX) before nephrolithotomy on attenuating plasma level of the tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha andExpand
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Effect of intravenous pentoxifylline on oxidative stress in patients undergoing nephrolithotomy.
AIM The aim of this study was to test the hypothesis that pentoxifylline attenuate the oxidative stress signaling in patients undergoing nephrolithotomy. METHODS Thirty two patients who consideredExpand
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13th Annual Research Congress of Iran's Medical Sciences Students
Background: Despite more than a decade experience of annual student congresses in Iran, major scientific writing weakness still exists in students’ abstracts submitted to the Annual Research CongressExpand
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