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Novel methods improve prediction of species' distributions from occurrence data
Prediction of species' distributions is central to diverse applications in ecology, evolution and conservation science. Expand
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Sensitivity of predictive species distribution models to change in grain size
Predictive species distribution modelling (SDM) has become an essential tool in biodiversity conservation and management. The choice of grain size (resolution) of environmental layers used inExpand
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Movements of Birds and Avian Influenza from Asia into Alaska
Despite involvement of large numbers of birds, the delivery rate of Asian-origin viruses to North America through Alaska is apparently low.
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Seabirds at risk around offshore oil platforms in the north-west Atlantic.
Seabirds aggregate around oil drilling platforms and rigs in above average numbers due to night lighting, flaring, food and other visual cues. Bird mortality has been documented due to impact on theExpand
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Review article: Thirty years of analysing and modelling avian habitat relationships using satellite imagery data: a review
The application of remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies provides powerful tools when used to investigate wildlife and its habitat for an analysis or modellingExpand
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Spatial complexity, informatics, and wildlife conservation
Preface Part I Theory and Practice 1 Introduction: Ecological Knowledge, Theory and Information in Space and Time Samuel A. Cushman and Falk Huettmann 2 Space and Time in Ecology: Noise orExpand
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Global Patterns and Predictions of Seafloor Biomass Using Random Forests
A comprehensive seafloor biomass and abundance database has been constructed from 24 oceanographic institutions worldwide within the Census of Marine Life (CoML) field projects. The machine-learningExpand
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Seismic Cutlines, Changing Landscape Metrics and Grizzly Bear Landscape use in Alberta
Besides providing habitat to the grizzly bear (Ursus arctos) and other wildlife, the Rocky Mountain foothills of Alberta, Canada hosts considerable mining, seismic oil and gas exploration andExpand
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The evaluation strip: A new and robust method for plotting predicted responses from species distribution models
We propose a new but simple method for visualizing modeled responses that can be implemented with any modeling method, and demonstrate its application using five common methods applied to the prediction of an Australian tree species. Expand
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A global model of avian influenza prediction in wild birds: the importance of northern regions
Avian influenza virus (AIV) is enzootic to wild birds, which are its natural reservoir. The virus exhibits a large degree of genetic diversity and most of the isolated strains are of lowExpand
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