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Development of a versatile and modular test system for ATLAS hybrid pixel detectors
The insertable B-Layer upgrade of the ATLAS pixel detector forsees the installation of a fourth pixel layer close to the beam pipe inside the current ATLAS pixel detector. A new readout chip (FE-I4)Expand
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Sensor design for the ATLAS-pixel detector
Abstract The inner detector of the ATLAS experiment will contain three layers of pixel detectors. The first prototype of the sensor part will be an n + n-device in order to allow partial depletedExpand
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The ATLAS Pixel Insertable B-Layer (IBL)
Abstract The ATLAS Detector will be upgraded for higher intensity running of the LHC. A long shutdown is envisioned in 2016 prior to the so-called Phase I running. A new pixel layer, called theExpand
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Radiation hard diamond sensors for future tracking applications
Progress in experimental particle physics in the coming decade depends crucially upon the ability to carry out experiments in high-radiation areas. In order to perform these complex and expensiveExpand
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Front-End electronics and integration of ATLAS pixel modules
Abstract For the ATLAS Pixel Detector fast readout electronics has been successfully developed and tested. Main attention was given to the ability to detect small charges in the order of 5,000 e−Expand
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Serial powering of pixel modules
Abstract Modern pixel detectors for the next generation of high-energy collider experiments like LHC use readout electronics in deep sub-micron technology. Chips in this technology need a low supplyExpand
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Serial powering: Proof of principle demonstration of a scheme for the operation of a large pixel detector at the LHC
Large detectors in high-energy physics experiments are mostly built from many identical individual building blocks, called modules, which possess individual parts of the services. The modules areExpand
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An integrated Shunt-LDO regulator for serial powered systems
In this paper, a new type of regulator is proposed for integration in ASICs used in serially powered systems. In the serial powering scheme, modules are placed in series and fed by a constant currentExpand
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Design studies on sensors for the ATLAS Pixel Detector
For the ATLAS Pixel Detector, prototype sensors have been successfully developed. For the sensors design, attention was given to survivability of the harsh LHC radiation environment leading to theExpand
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