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On the Mechanism of Accretion by Stars
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Origin of Cosmic Rays
IT is important to decide whether or not the main sources of the cosmic ray particles are external to our galaxy. An external source seems, at first sight, to be established by the observed isotropyExpand
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Synthesis of the Elements in Stars
Man inhabits a universe composed of a great variety of elements and their isotopes. In Table I,1 a count of the stable and radioactive elements and isotopes is listed. Ninety elements are foundExpand
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The effect of interstellar matter on climatic variation
The effect of interstellar matter on the sun's radiation is considered with a view to explaining changes in terrestrial climate. It appears that a star in passing through a nebulous cloud willExpand
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On the Origin of Solar Flares
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Nucleosynthesis in Supernovae.
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A Different Approach To Cosmology
Modern cosmology began with the solutions to Einstein's theory of gravity discovered by Aleksandr Friedmann and Georges Lemaitre in the 1920s. Expand
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Neutrino processes and pair formation in massive stars and supernovae.
Abstract : The paper traces the physical properties of matter inside highly evolved stars, on the assumption that the whole material of the star is non-degenerate and that the star is inExpand
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