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Public-health impact of outdoor and traffic-related air pollution: a European assessment
The impact of outdoor (total) and traffic-related air pollution on public health in Austria, France, and Switzerland and the results should guide decisions on the assessment of environmental health-policy options are guided. Expand
Optimal dose, efficacy, and safety of once-daily sublingual immunotherapy with a 5-grass pollen tablet for seasonal allergic rhinitis.
In the first pollen season, the efficacy and safety of sublingual immunotherapy with grass tablets was confirmed and the risk-benefit ratio favors the use of 300-IR tablets for clinical practice. Expand
Assessment of deaths attributable to air pollution: should we use risk estimates based on time series or on cohort studies?
It is concluded that time-series analyses underestimate cases of death attributable to air pollution and that assessment of the impact of air pollution on mortality should be based on cohort studies. Expand
A Th17- and Th2-skewed cytokine profile in cystic fibrosis lungs represents a potential risk factor for Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection.
A role for Th17 and Th2 T cells in chronic inflammation in lungs of patients with CF is proposed, as high concentrations of these cytokines/chemokines in CF airways precede infection with P. aeruginosa. Expand
A regulatory dendritic cell signature correlates with the clinical efficacy of allergen-specific sublingual immunotherapy.
C1Q and STAB1 represent candidate biomarkers of early efficacy of allergen immunotherapy as the hallmark of a regulatory innate immune response predictive of clinical tolerance. Expand
Sustained 3-year efficacy of pre- and coseasonal 5-grass-pollen sublingual immunotherapy tablets in patients with grass pollen-induced rhinoconjunctivitis.
Sustained efficacy of 2- and 4-month pre- and coseasonal treatment with the 300 IR tablet over 3 pollen seasons was demonstrated, with reduction in symptoms and rescue medication use and a marked improvement in quality of life for both active groups compared with the placebo group at season 3. Expand
Exhaled nitric oxide in the management of childhood asthma: A prospective 6‐months study
A therapy regimen aimed at lowering FeNO in children with asthma improved parameters of small airway function, but was not able to improve clinical markers of asthma control. Expand
A well‐tolerated grass pollen‐specific allergy vaccine containing
a novel adjuvant, monophosphoryl lipid A, reduces allergic symptoms after only four preseasonal injections
Data is presented showing that a Th1‐inducing adjuvant can reduce the number of injections required for allergy vaccination, and 3‐deacylated monophosphoryl lipid A (MPL® adjUvant, Corixa) is used. Expand
Early onset of action of a 5-grass-pollen 300-IR sublingual immunotherapy tablet evaluated in an allergen challenge chamber.
In this ACC study the 300-IR 5-grass-pollen SLIT tablets had a significant effect on rhinoconjunctivitis symptoms from the first month of treatment onward, and the induction of grass pollen allergen-specific IgGs was associated with clinical response. Expand
Variability of IgE reactivity profiles among European mite allergic patients
The aim was to determine the frequencies of IgE reactivity to purified HDM allergen molecules in mite allergic patients from different parts of Europe in order to establish anAllergen panel for diagnosis of HDM allergy. Expand