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The plista dataset
Releasing datasets has fostered research in fields such as information retrieval and recommender systems. Datasets are typically tailored for specific scenarios. In this work, we present the plistaExpand
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Understanding Affective Content of Music Videos through Learned Representations
In consideration of the ever-growing available multimedia data, annotating multimedia content automatically with feeling(s) expected to arise in users is a challenging problem. In order to solve thisExpand
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Video browsing interfaces and applications: a review
We present a comprehensive review of the state of the art in video browsing and retrieval systems, with special emphasis on interfaces and applications. There has been a significant increase inExpand
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Fusion of learned multi-modal representations and dense trajectories for emotional analysis in videos
When designing a video affective content analysis algorithm, one of the most important steps is the selection of discriminative features for the effective representation of video segments. TheExpand
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NTCIR Lifelog: The First Test Collection for Lifelog Research
Test collections have a long history of supporting repeatable and comparable evaluation in Information Retrieval (IR). However, thus far, no shared test collection exists for IR systems that areExpand
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The Video Browser Showdown: a live evaluation of interactive video search tools
The Video Browser Showdown evaluates the performance of exploratory video search tools on a common data set in a common environment and in presence of the audience. The main goal of this competitionExpand
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Overview of NTCIR-13 Lifelog-2 Task
In this paper we review the NTCIR13-Lifelog core task, which ran at NTCIR-13. We outline the test collection employed, along with the tasks, the submissions and the findings from this pilot task. WeExpand
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Shedding light on a living lab: the CLEF NEWSREEL open recommendation platform
In the CLEF NEWSREEL lab, participants are invited to evaluate news recommendation techniques in real-time by providing news recommendations to actual users that visit commercial news portals toExpand
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Search trails using user feedback to improve video search
In this paper we present an innovative approach for aiding users in the difficult task of video search. We use community based feedback mined from the interactions of previous users of our videoExpand
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Activating the Crowd: Exploiting User-Item Reciprocity for Recommendation
Recommender systems have always faced the problem of sparse data. In the current era, however, with its demand for highly personalized, real-time, context-aware recommendation, the sparse dataExpand
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