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A study of oscillator jitter due to supply and substrate noise
This paper investigates the timing jitter of single-ended and differential CMOS ring oscillators due to supply and substrate noise. We calculate the jitter resulting from supply and substrate noise,Expand
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An integrated CMOS RF synthesizer for 802.11a wireless LAN
A frequency synthesizer combining a relatively large tuning range (4.12-4.72 GHz) with a low noise sensitivity is presented. Expand
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SiGe HBT with fx/fmax of 505 GHz/720 GHz
An experimental SiGe HBT technology featuring fT/fmax/BVCEO = 505 GHz/720 GHz/1.6 V and a minimum CML ring oscillator gate delay of 1.34 ps is presented. The improved speed compared to our previousExpand
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A new approach to fully integrated CMOS LC-oscillators with a very large tuning range
We describe a new approach to fully integrated CMOS LC-oscillators with very large tuning range, tunable from 1.34 GHz to 2.14 GHz. Expand
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An Integrated 0.6–4.6 GHz, 5–7 GHz, 10–14 GHz, and 20–28 GHz Frequency Synthesizer for Software-Defined Radio Applications
We present an integrated frequency synthesizer which is able to provide in-phase/quadrature phase signal over the frequency bands 0.6-4.6 GHz, 5-7 GHz, 10-14 GHz, and 20-28 GHz for software-defined radio applications. Expand
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An analytical model for the power spectral density of a voltage-controlled oscillator and its analogy to the laser linewidth theory
We calculate the output power density spectrum for a simple voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) circuit. The power spectral density of the oscillator is composed of a term related to theExpand
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Oscillator jitter due to supply and substrate noise
  • F. Herzel, B. Razavi
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of the IEEE Custom Integrated…
  • 11 May 1998
This paper describes the timing jitter of oscillators in such applications, demonstrating that the contribution of device electronic noise is typically much less significant than that due to environmental noise. Expand
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Active substrate noise suppression in mixed-signal circuits using on-chip driven guard rings
This paper presents an active substrate noise suppression circuit using a pair of concentric guard rings using a SiGe circuit and a ring oscillator. Expand
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Fully integrated 60 GHz transceiver in SiGe BiCMOS, RF modules, and 3.6 Gbit/s OFDM data transmission
A fully integrated transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX) front-end chipset, produced in 0.25 µm SiGe:C bipolar and complementary metal oxide semiconductor (BiCMOS) technology, is presented. TheExpand
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High-frequency noise analysis of Si/SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistors
A novel approach to the noise of bipolar transistors at medium and high frequencies is developed and applied to Si/Si1- x Gex/Si heterojunction bipolar transistors. It is closely related to theExpand
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