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Quantum-limited measurements of optical signals from a geostationary satellite
We present quantum-limited coherent measurements of optical signals, sent from a satellite in geostationary Earth orbit to an optical ground station. Expand
5.625 Gbps bidirectional laser communications measurements between the NFIRE satellite and an Optical Ground Station
5.625 Gbps bidirectional laser communication at 1064 nm has been demonstrated on a repeatable basis between a Tesat coherent laser communication terminal with a 6.5 cm diameter ground apertureExpand
TESAT laser communication terminal performance results on 5.6Gbit coherent inter satellite and satellite to ground links
The increasing demand on high speed communication networks has stimulated the development of optical free space data transmission during the last years. Expand
Laser communication terminals for the European Data Relay System
For the first time, laser communication terminals will be operational in a commercial service, EDRS, the European Data Relay System. Expand
Optical inter-satellite communication operational
Optical inter-satellite communication based on TESAT Laser Communication Terminals (LCT) is operational by now on LEO satellites for more than two years. Expand
Network Architectures for Space-Optical Quantum Cryptography Services Introduction of Quantum Communications in Satellite Communication Networks
Quantum cryptography enables the distribution of ‘information-theoretically’ secure (ITS) keys, whose secrecy is guaranteed by the laws of quantum physics. Such a level of security is superior toExpand
Spatial and time characteristics of high current, high voltage pseudospark discharges
During the early phase of discharges, (ignition) fast ionization waves are observed propagating with a velocity of 10/sup 6/ m/s from cathode to anode. During this transient phase, a first peak of anExpand
5.6 Gbps optical intersatellite communication link
A 5.6 Gbps optical communication link has been verified in-orbit. The intersatellite link uses homodyne BPSK (binary phase shift keying) and allows to transmit data with a duplex data rate of 5.6Expand
Pseudospark switches-technological aspects and application
We report results of the development of fast closing switches, so-called pseudospark switches, at Erlangen University. Two different parameter regimes are under investigation: medium power switchesExpand
The European Data Relay System, high speed laser based data links
The European Data Relay System (EDRS) is currently implemented as the first operational laser based data relay service, creating a virtual ground station for low earth orbit earth observation missions. Expand