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Many-Body Localization Characterized from a One-Particle Perspective.
It is shown that the one-particle density matrix ρ can be used to characterize the interaction-driven many-body localization transition in closed fermionic systems, and the inverse participation ratio of the natural orbitals is found that it is independent of system size in the localized phase.
Expansion dynamics of interacting bosons in homogeneous lattices in one and two dimensions.
The expansion of initially localized ultracold bosons in homogeneous one- and two-dimensional optical lattices is investigated and it is found that both dimensionality and interaction strength crucially influence these nonequilibrium dynamics.
Vortex and Meissner phases of strongly interacting bosons on a two-leg ladder
We establish the phase diagram of the strongly interacting Bose-Hubbard model defined on a two-leg ladder geometry in the presence of a homogeneous flux. Our work is motivated by a recent experiment
Finite-temperature transport in one-dimensional quantum lattice models
The last decade has witnessed an impressive progress in the theoretical understanding of transport properties of clean, one-dimensional quantum lattice systems. Many physically relevant models in one
Spin and thermal conductivity of quantum spin chains and ladders
We study the spin and thermal conductivity of spin-$\frac{1}{2}$ ladders and chains at finite temperature, relevant for experiments with quantum magnets. Using a state-of-the-art density matrix
Magnon heat transport in(Sr,Ca,La)14Cu24O41
We have measured the thermal heat conductivity kappa of the compounds Sr_14Cu_24O_41 and Ca_9La_5Cu_24O_41 containing doped and undoped spin ladders, respectively. We find a huge anisotropy of both,
Entanglement spreading after a geometric quench in quantum spin chains
We investigate the entanglement spreading in the anisotropic spin-1/2 Heisenberg (XXZ) chain after a geometric quench. This corresponds to a sudden change of the geometry of the chain or, in the
Phase separation of trapped spin-imbalanced Fermi gases in one-dimensional optical lattices
We calculate the density profiles of a trapped spin-imbalanced Fermi gas with attractive interactions in a one-dimensional optical lattice, using both the local-density approximation (LDA) and
Pairing states of a polarized Fermi gas trapped in a one-dimensional optical lattice
We study the properties of a one-dimensional (1D) gas of fermions trapped in a lattice by means of the density matrix renormalization group method, focusing on the case of unequal spin populations,
Real-time energy dynamics in spin-1/2 Heisenberg chains
We study the real-time dynamics of the local energy density in the spin-1/2 XXZ chain starting from initial states with an inhomogeneous profile of bond energies. Numerical simulations of the