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Design Analysis of the General Electric T58 Engine
The General Electric T58 is a lightweight, compact 1050 HP shaft powered gas turbine designed primarily for helicopters. Under sponsorship of the Navy Bureau of Aeronautics, this design was initiatedExpand
Whose IQ gap
Visual-Meta: An approach to Surfacing Metadata
  • F. Hegland
  • Computer Science
  • 12 September 2019
Visual-meta is an approach to make a document's metadata equally readable by human and machine (not hidden from view), by adding an appendix to the end of the document. Expand
Addressing the Skies of the Future of Text: A Call for Continuous Improvement in Infrastructures
The idiom 'blue sky' refers to 'thinking not grounded or in touch with the way things are'. Expand
Ted Nelson
  • F. Hegland
  • Computer Science
  • Intertwingled - The Work and Influence of Ted…
  • 2015