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Long-term effects of 60-Hz electric vs. magnetic fields on IL-1 and IL-2 activity in sheep.
This study was designed to assess the effect of exposure to long-term extremely low-frequency electric and magnetic fields (ELF-EMF) from a 500 kV transmission line on IL-1 and IL-2 activity inExpand
Proteome and sugar analysis of abiotic stress underlying cryopreservation in potato.
Cryopreservation complements classical conservation methods, which are carried out in the field or in vitro. It involves the storage of biological material in liquid nitrogen (-196°C). At thisExpand
Intranuclear degradation of the transformation-inducing protein encoded by avian MC29 virus.
The nuclear protein, p110, encoded by the avian MC29 virus degrades with a half-life of 30 to 40 min in virus-transformed cells. Inhibitors of lysosomal proteolysis had no effect on this degradation.Expand
Quantification of DNA binding to cell-surfaces by flow cytometry.
DNA binding to cell-surfaces has been documented in several studies. The interaction of DNA with cells has been shown to have therapeutic potential as a non-viral form of gene delivery and DNAExpand
Optimalisation and feasability of bioremediation systems for the processing of spray losses of pesticides.
Contamination of ground and surface water puts pressure on the use of pesticides. Pesticide contamination of water can often be linked to point sources rather than to diffuse sources. Examples ofExpand
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Thymic mechanisms for inducing tolerance to Mls.
As T cells develop in the thymus, they are subjected to a number of selective events which determine the antigen recognition repertoire of mature T cells. Also, as a result of selection, T cellsExpand