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Antioxidant and α-Amylase Inhibitory Compounds from Aerial Parts of Varthemia iphionoides Boiss
Various extracts of aerial parts of Varthemia (Varthemia iphionoides Boiss) were investigated for radical-scavenging activity, antioxidative activity, and porcine pancreas α-amylase inhibitoryExpand
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Characterization of cyanic flower color of Delphinium cultivars
Sepal coloration and pigmentation were identified on 21 Delphinium individuals. A significant reciprocal relationship has been found between brightness and lightness on a CIELAB (CommissionExpand
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The mechanics of Three-dimensional Cutting Operations
This paper contains the reports of the researches on the most practical three-dimensional cutting. On three-dimensional cutting operation, the effective rake angle αe equivalent to the rake angle αExpand
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Structure and formation of a stable histidine-based trifunctional cross-link in skin collagen.
A stable nonreducible trifunctional cross-linking amino acid has been isolated from mature bovine skin collagen fibrils. Previous cross-link peptide isolations and amino acid analyses indicate theExpand
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Inhibitory effect of green tea polyphenols on membrane-type 1 matrix metalloproteinase, MT1-MMP.
Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), especially membrane-type 1 matrix metalloproteinase (MT1-MMP), which generates an active form of MMP-2 from proMMP-2, are deeply involved in angiogenesis as well asExpand
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Analysis of Petal Anthocyanins to Investigate Flower Coloration of Zhongyuan (Chinese) and Daikon Island (Japanese) Tree Peony Cultivars
Pn, Pg; Pn, Pg > Cy; Pn, Cy and Pn, Cy > Pg groups. Each group consequently specified significant features among CIELAB color notation and petal pigmentation, being adequate to characterize treeExpand
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Phenetics in Tree Peony Species from China by Flower Pigment Cluster Analysis
Paeonia section Moutan DC. (fifteen accessions) from China. As the pigment markers, five anthocyanins together with three flavone and three flavonol aglycones were used. Principal component analysisExpand
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In this paper, sufficient conditions to decide the precedence relation between neighboring two jobs are presented by means of an adjacent pairwise interchage method for minimizing mean flow·time inExpand
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Cytotoxic activities of solanum steroidal glycosides.
Cytotoxic activities of 20 steroidal glycosides obtained from Solanum genera plants were examined against various cell lines to provide new evidence as follows: 1) As regarding the sugar linkage, theExpand
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Copper‐related deep acceptor in quenched germanium
New deep acceptors (DA) at Ev+80 meV together with contaminating substitutional copper (Cus) were produced in Ge by the quenching from 700 °C. Annealing around 260 °C caused these acceptors toExpand
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