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Mathematical Methods for Physicists: A Comprehensive Guide
Mathematical Methods for Physicists is the revised and updated version of the leading text in mathematical physics. Expand
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Incomplete Bessel, generalized incomplete gamma, or leaky aquifer functions
Functions characterized by the alternative appelations in the title hereof have application in areas as diverse as heat conduction, probability theory, electronic structure in periodic systems, andExpand
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Essential Mathematical Methods For Physicists
This new adaptation of Arfken and Weber's bestselling Mathematical Methods for Physicists, Fifth Edition, is the most comprehensive, modern, and accessible text for using mathematics to solve physicsExpand
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Algebraic and Diagrammatic Methods in Many-Fermion Theory
This book contains the proceedings of Algebraic and Diagrommatic Methods in Mang-Fermion Theory. Topics covered include: Operator Algebra; The Independent-Particle Model; Occupation-Number Formalism;Expand
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More Special Functions
This chapter surveys a number of sets of special functions of importance in physics. Where appropriate, the survey includes generating functions, Rodrigues formulas, the relevant differentialExpand
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Iterative Extended Hückel Theory
$^{1}$ R. Hoffmann, J. Chem. Phys. 39, 1307 (1963). $^{2}$ L. C. Cusachs, J. Chem. Phys. 43, 8157 (1965).
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Multicenter Integrals in Quantum Mechanics. II. Evaluation of Electron‐Repulsion Integrals for Slater‐Type Orbitals
A unified method for the evaluation of electron‐repulsion integrals for Slater‐type orbitals is described. This method applies to every electron‐repulsion integral needed for polyatomic moleculeExpand
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