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On the linear analysis of plates and shells using a new-16 degrees of freedom flat shell element
Abstract In this paper, we present a new quadrilateral discrete Kirchhoff flat shell element (called DKQ16) with 16 degrees of freedom (three displacements U, V, W at each corner, a rotation θs atExpand
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Single-stage bone resection and cranioplastic reconstruction: comparison of a novel software-derived PEEK workflow with the standard reconstructive method.
The combined resection of skull-infiltrating tumours and immediate cranioplastic reconstruction predominantly relies on freehand-moulded solutions. Techniques that enable this procedure to beExpand
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The role of existing infrastructure of fuel stations in deploying solar charging systems, electric vehicles and solar energy: A preliminary analysis
The lift off point for Electric vehicle (EV) sales is expected in the very near future even with oil prices that stayed cheap last few years and still inexpensive nowadays. Therefore, EV purchasersExpand
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Ten Years’ Experiences in the Treatment of Nonaneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: A Retrospective Analysis of Outcome Parameters in a Single-Center Study
Objectives: Subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) with negative angiographic findings has a heterogeneous nature with variations in clinical course and outcome as compared to the aneurysmal SAH. It makes upExpand
Formulation and evaluation of incompatible but convergent rational quadrilateral membrane elements
This paper presents four incompatible but convergent Rational quadrilateral elements, two four-node elements (RQ4Z and RQ4B) and two five-node elements (RQ5Z and RQ5B). The difference between theExpand
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