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The Middle East in International Relations: Power, Politics and Ideology
The international relations of the Middle East have long been dominated by uncertainty and conflict. External intervention, interstate war, political upheaval and interethnic violence are compoundedExpand
The Making of the Second Cold War
We are living through the Second Cold War, yet what is it? Millions in East and West now fear a nuclear conflict, yet confrontation and panic continue to obscure understanding of the processes thatExpand
"Islamophobia" reconsidered.
Revolution and World Politics: The Rise and Fall of the Sixth Great Power
Revolutions, as much as international war or nationalism, have shaped the development of world politics. In cause, ideology, and consequence they have merited description as a "sixth great power"Expand
Revolution and World Politics
Nation and religion in the Middle East
This collection of essays offers a general analysis of the Middle East and more focused country-by-country examples. Nationalism and Islamism are re-examined to demonstrate their ongoing relevanceExpand
Islam and the Myth of Confrontation: Religion and Politics in the Middle East
Part 1 Interpreting the Middle East: the Middle East and international politics the Iranian revolution in comparative perspective the Gulf War 1990-91. Part 2 Myths of confrontation: Islam and theExpand
Arabia Without Sultans
Students of the world unite
Rethinking International Relations
Preface - Introduction: the Pertinence of International Relations - Theories in Contention: A Discipline and its Discontents - A Wary Engagement: Historical Materialism and International Relations -Expand