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Antigliadin and antiendomysium antibody determination for coeliac disease.
The value of IgG and IgA gliadin antibodies (AGA) was compared with that of IgA endomysium antibodies (EMA) for the diagnosis of coeliac disease. Three hundred and six of 340 (90%) children withExpand
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Klinefelter syndrome in adolescence: onset of puberty is associated with accelerated germ cell depletion.
The process of germ cell depletion in patients with Klinefelter syndrome (KS) is incompletely characterized. In the current work, we evaluated the presence of germ cells in adolescent boys with KSExpand
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Infertility in Cryptorchidism Is Linked to the Stage of Germ Cell Development at Orchidopexy
Background: Cryptorchidism represents the most common endocrine disease in boys, with infertility frequently observed in unilateral as well as bilateral forms. In this study, we examined the role ofExpand
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The importance of both an early orchidopexy and germ cell maturation for fertility
Delayed orchidopexy for undescended testes has been associated with abnormal testicular histology, but the effect on later fertility is unknown. We aimed to establish the importance of the firstExpand
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The importance of mini-puberty for fertility in cryptorchidism.
PURPOSE Mini-puberty is the hormonal surge of gonadotropins and testosterone which occurs in early infancy. It induces the development and transformation of gonocytes into Ad spermatogonia, which isExpand
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Importance of Early Postnatal Germ Cell Maturation for Fertility of Cryptorchid Males
Patients/Method: Twenty-seven adults who underwent an orchidopexy before 2 years of age have recently had their spermiograms analyzed. Results: Sixty-three percent of them had a normal sperm count;Expand
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Testicular histology related to fertility outcome and postpubertal hormone status in cryptorchidism.
BACKGROUND Early surgical correction of an undescended testis is performed to prevent the development of male infertility. However, in boys with cryptorchidism early successful surgery cannot preventExpand
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Cryptorchidism: Management and Implications
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Antiendomysial and antihuman recombinant tissue transglutaminase antibodies in the diagnosis of coeliac disease: a biopsy-proven European multicentre study
Objective To investigate the value of serum antitissue transglutaminase IgA antibodies (IgA-TTG) and IgA antiendomysial antibodies (IgA-EMA) in the diagnosis of coeliac disease in cohorts fromExpand
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Antibodies Against Human Tissue Transglutaminase and Endomysium in Diagnosing and Monitoring Coeliac Disease
Background: Coeliac disease (CD) patients often present a variety of uncharacteristic symptoms and therefore sensitive and specific screening tests are needed as an aid in making an accurateExpand
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