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Dynamics of transcriptional start site selection during nitrogen stress-induced cell differentiation in Anabaena sp. PCC7120
The fixation of atmospheric N2 by cyanobacteria is a major source of nitrogen in the biosphere. In Nostocales, such as Anabaena, this process is spatially separated from oxygenic photosynthesis andExpand
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Dermaptera hindwing structure and folding: New evidence for familial, ordinal and superordinal relationships within Neoptera (Insecta)
The Dermaptera are a small order of insects, marked by reduced forewings, hindwings with a unique and complicated folding pattern, and by pincer-like cerci. Hindwing characters of 25 extantExpand
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The phylogeny of the Forficulina, a suborder of the Dermaptera
The phylogeny of the Forficulina (Dermaptera) has been reassessed, examining forty‐eight species and thirty characters, of which thirteen characters of the thorax and wings are described or used forExpand
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Phylogeny of earwigs (Insecta: Dermaptera) based on molecular and morphological evidence: reconsidering the classification of Dermaptera
Abstract.  Dermaptera (earwigs) is a cosmopolitan order of insects, the phylogenetic relationships of which are poorly understood. The phylogeny of Dermaptera was inferred from large subunitExpand
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The Physcomitrella patens chromosome-scale assembly reveals moss genome structure and evolution.
The draft genome of the moss model, Physcomitrella patens, comprised approximately 2000 unordered scaffolds. In order to enable analyses of genome structure and evolution we generated aExpand
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Phylogenetic Relationships of the Suborders of Coleoptera (Insecta)
One hundred seven external and internal characters of larval and adult representatives of 28 genera of the coleopteran suborders were analyzed cladistically. Four groups of Neuropterida wereExpand
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The function of resilin in beetle wings
This account shows the distribution of elastic elements in hind wings in the scarabaeid Pachnoda marginata and coccinellid Coccinella septempunctata (both Coleoptera). Occurrence of resilin, aExpand
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The Biotrophic Development of Ustilago maydis Studied by RNA-Seq Analysis[OPEN]
A study of U. maydis gene expression provides unexpected new leads concerning fungal nutrition, defense suppression, and tumor induction during plant colonization. The maize smut fungus UstilagoExpand
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Insights into the Physiology and Ecology of the Brackish-Water-Adapted Cyanobacterium Nodularia spumigena CCY9414 Based on a Genome-Transcriptome Analysis
Nodularia spumigena is a filamentous diazotrophic cyanobacterium that dominates the annual late summer cyanobacterial blooms in the Baltic Sea. But N. spumigena also is common in brackish waterExpand
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Devonohexapodus bocksbergensis, a new marine hexapod from the Lower Devonian Hunsrück Slates, and the origin of Atelocerata and Hexapoda
We describe a new arthropod (approximately 75 mm long) from the Lower Devonian (Lower Emsian) Hunsruck Slates near Bundenbach, western Germany. The specimen is from an isolated piece of rock found onExpand
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