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Mutual Aid, a Factor of Evolution
THIS book is undeniably readable throughout. The author has a creed which he preaches with all the fervour of genuine conviction. He is anxious to make converts, but his zeal never leads him toExpand
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The Natural History of Some Common Animals
THIS is an excellent book, written by a man who is equally in his element whether he writes as an outdoor naturalist or as a laboratory student. This combination is by no means a common one, and itExpand
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Evolutionary Origins of the Endowment Effect : Evidence from Hunter-Gatherers
The endowment effect, the tendency to value possessions more than non-possessions, is a well-known departure from rational choice and has been replicated in numerous settings. We investigate theExpand
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Sociological Papers
THOUGH hardly equal in interest to its precursor, the present volume contains some valuable contributions to sociology. First, and foremost in interest and importance, comes a paper on eugenics byExpand
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Fact in Sociology
MR. WELLS is a dangerous man to criticise. Such thunderbolts as “crude,” “dull,” “balderdash,” come hurtling at one's head even from his modified letters (NATURE, February 2). But I prefer to regardExpand
Controverses Transformistes
THIS is an interesting book, written, like nearly all French scientific books, in transparently clear style. It assumes, however, that the reader has a fair knowledge of zoology, so that it hardlyExpand
Evolution and Anti-Materialism
TO those who, some years back, read Mr. Benjamin Kidd's “Social Evolution” with great interest and learnt much from it, his new book will he a profound disappointment. Undertaking to settle all theExpand
Outlines of Zoology
THIS book has very great positive merits and very slight defects. Though it is packed with facts, and can be recommended to students preparing for examinhtions, vet it is never dull. Prof. ThomsonExpand