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The Advantages of Ectothermy for Tetrapods
  • F. H. Pough
  • Environmental Science, Biology
    The American Naturalist
  • 1 January 1980
At the ecosystem level, the most important consequence of the low energy requirements of amphibians and reptiles is their efficiency of biomass production, which greatly exceeds that of birds and mammals.
Metabolism of Squamate Reptiles: Allometric and Ecological Relationships
Estimating the metabolic rates of juvenile squamates from equations based on comparisons among species is invalid because there is significant variability among mass exponents among the 14 species that met the statistical requirements for analysis of covariance, and a common mass exponent cannot be assumed for intraspecific comparisons.
Lizard Energetics and Diet
It is postulated that larger animals of these families are unable to get caloric demands on a diet of insects, have no practical alternative animal prey, and rely instead on vegetation.
Behavioral Modification of Evaporative Water Loss by a Puerto Rican Frog
Frogs in the forest canopy experience higher rates of evaporative water loss than those in the understory, but there are more anthropods in the canopy, and leaf surfaces are twice as likely to be wet by rain.
Mimicry of Vertebrates: Are the Rules Different?
Broad generalization of the characteristics of models, mimics that incorporate features of two or more models, and innate avoidance of models by predators probably reflect the risk for a dupe, which provides a new perspective on the mechanics of mimicry.
Specializations of the Body Form and Food Habits of Snakes
Ancillary effects of the morphological features of vipers, plus the ability to ingest a very large quantity of food in one meal, should produce quantitative and qualitative differences in the ecology and behavior of viperid snakes.
Interaction of temperature and hydration on locomotion of toads
Etude des interactions entre l'hydratation,la temperature corporelle et les performances physiques de Bufo americanus