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Intermolecular Triple Proton and Deuteron Transfer in Crystalline 3,5-Dimethylpyrazole Studied by NMR, NQR, and X-ray Methods
A combination of {sup 13}C, {sup 15}N magnetic resonance, {sup 14}N quadrupole double resonance, and x-ray studies of solid 3,5-dimethylpyrazole between 270 and 350 K has shown that the NH...NExpand
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Indenyl complexes of ruthenium(II). Crystal structure of [Ru(CO)(PPh3)2(η5-C9H7)]ClO4·CH2Cl2
Abstract The compound [RuCl(PPh3)2(η5-C9H7)] (I) has been made in high yield by reaction of [RuCl2(PPh3)3] with indene and potassium hydroxide in ethanol and its reactions have been examined. ComplexExpand
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Neoclerodane and labdane diterpenoids from Plectranthus ornatus.
Three new diterpenoids, a neoclerodane and two labdane derivatives, have been isolated from an acetone extract of Plectranthus ornatus. The structures of these compounds (plectrornatins A-C, 1-3,Expand
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The first asymmetric synthesis of polyfunctionalized 4H-pyrans via Michael addition of malononitrile to 2-acyl acrylates
Abstract Starting from (R)-2,3-O-isopropylideneglyceraldehyde, the first asymmetric synthesis of 4H-pyrans ( 4 ) has been developed; a detailed X-ray structural and stereochemical study hasExpand
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The crystal structure of calcium orthoborate: a redetermination
reflexions to the data sets, as in the case of K3[Co(CN)6], is not possible. The implication of these results is that the partial symmetry operations of the OD groupoid symbol are to be regarded asExpand
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Crystal structure and electronic properties of bis(mepirizole) copper(II) perchlorate. Correlation between the electronic spectrum and CuN4 chromophore distortion from tetrahedral symmetry
SummaryThe crystal structure of the title compound has been determined from single-crystal x-ray diffraction data. The crystals are tetragonal, space group P42212, withz=2 in a unit cell ofExpand
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