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A Multimodal System for Real-Time Action Instruction in Motor Skill Learning
We present a multimodal coaching system that supports online motor skill learning. In this domain, closed-loop interaction between the movements of the user and the action instructions by the systemExpand
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Wind and warmth in virtual reality: implementation and evaluation
One possibility to make virtual worlds more immersive is to address as many human senses as possible. This paper presents a system for creating wind and warmth simulations in Virtual Reality (VR).Expand
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The impact of latency on perceptual judgments and motor performance in closed-loop interaction in virtual reality
Latency between a user's movement and visual feedback is inevitable in every Virtual Reality application, as signal transmission and processing take time. Unfortunately, a high end-to-end latencyExpand
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Multi-Level Analysis of Motor Actions as a Basis for Effective Coaching in Virtual Reality
In order to effectively support motor learning in Virtual Reality, real-time analysis of motor actions performed by the athlete is essential. Most recent work in this area rather focuses on feedbackExpand
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Wind and warmth in virtual reality - requirements and chances
Wind and warmth are often ignored in Virtual Reality systems – even though studies suggest that they are able to improve users’ presence as well as task performance for certain challenges. In thisExpand
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Comparing gaze-based and manual interaction in a fast-paced gaming task in Virtual Reality
The idea of using gaze as an interaction modality has been put forward by the famous work of Bolt in 1981. In virtual reality (VR), gaze has been used for several means since then: view-dependentExpand
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Classification of motor errors to provide real-time feedback for sports coaching in virtual reality - A case study in squats and Tai Chi pushes
Abstract For successful fitness coaching in virtual reality, movements of a trainee must be analyzed in order to provide feedback. To date, most coaching systems only provide coarse information onExpand
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Realizing a low-latency virtual reality environment for motor learning
Virtual Reality (VR) has the potential to support motor learning in ways exceeding beyond the possibilities provided by real world environments. New feedback mechanisms can be implemented thatExpand
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Simulating Wind and Warmth in Virtual Reality: Conception, Realization and Evaluation for a CAVE Environment
Wind and warmth sensations proved to be able to enhance users' state of presence in Virtual Reality applications. Still, only few projects deal with their detailed effect on the user and general waysExpand
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The Intelligent Coaching Space: A Demonstration
Here we demonstrate our Intelligent Coaching Space, an immersive virtual environment in which users learn a motor action (e.g. a squat) under the supervision of a virtual coach. We detail how weExpand
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