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[Mutagenic effects of coal tar used in the treatment of psoriasis].
The results of monitoring have indicated that psoriatic patients treated by pharmaceutic tar are endangered by an increased genotoxic risk.
[Fibronectin, interstitial collagens and type IV collagen in dermatitis herpetiformis].
Assessment of fibronectin, collagens type III, IV and V in the affected skin can be considered an important supplementary examination in the histological diagnosis of dermatitis herpetiformis.
Heat conductivity and skin temperature at the treatment of ischemic heart disease with curantyl and isoptin.
Curantyl could deteriorate HC and so to worsen legs ulceration healing and to point ap ischemia in patients with associated chronic postphlebitic syndrome with ulcera crurium.
[Immunohistologic determination of extracellular matrix components in granuloma annulare].
The author's opinion the higher incidence of collagens types III and V in the neighbourhood of the palisade-like granulomatous infiltrate and its size resp, as well as the finding of fibronectin in the area of necrobiosis and the granulumatous infiltrated justify the use of immunohistological assessment of the above constituents of the extracellular matrix as a supplementary examination in the diagnosis of theAbove disease.
[Mutagenic activity of urine of patients with psoriasis treated with pharmaceutical black coal tar].
The assembled results confirm the view of an increased genotoxic risk in psoriatic patients treated with preparations containing black coal tar.