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Landslide inventories and their statistical properties
Landslides are generally associated with a trigger, such as an earthquake, a rapid snowmelt or a large storm. The landslide event can include a single landslide or many thousands. The frequency–areaExpand
Landslide hazard evaluation: a review of current techniques and their application in a multi-scale study, Central Italy
In recent years, growing population and expansion of settlements and life-lines over hazardous areas have largely increased the impact of natural disasters both in industrialized and developingExpand
Rainfall thresholds for the initiation of landslides in central and southern Europe
SummaryWe review rainfall thresholds for the initiation of landslides world wide and propose new empirical rainfall thresholds for the Central European Adriatic Danubian South-Eastern Space (CADSES)Expand
Landslide inventory maps: New tools for an old problem
Landslides are present in all continents, and play an important role in the evolution of landscapes. They also represent a serious hazard in many areas of the world. Despite their importance, weExpand
The rainfall intensity–duration control of shallow landslides and debris flows: an update
A global database of 2,626 rainfall events that have resulted in shallow landslides and debris flows was compiled through a thorough literature search. The rainfall and landslide information was usedExpand
Power-law correlations of landslide areas in central Italy
Abstract We have studied the frequency–area statistics of landslides in central Italy. We consider two data sets. Data set A contains 16 809 landslide areas in the Umbria–Marche area of centralExpand
Probabilistic landslide hazard assessment at the basin scale
Abstract We propose a probabilistic model to determine landslide hazard at the basin scale. The model predicts where landslides will occur, how frequently they will occur, and how large they will be.Expand
Gis Technology in Mapping Landslide Hazard
In the recent years, the ever-increasing diffusion of GIS technology has facilitated the application of quantitative techniques in landslide hazard assessment. Today a wider spectrum of instabilityExpand
Landslide volumes and landslide mobilization rates in Umbria, central Italy
Abstract A catalogue of 677 landslides of the slide type was selected from a global database of geometrical measurements of individual landslides, including landslide area (AL) and volume (VL). TheExpand
Landslides, earthquakes, and erosion
This paper relates landslide inventories to erosion rates and provides quantitative estimates of the landslide hazard associated with earthquakes. We do this by utilizing a three-parameterExpand