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Impaired tensile strength after shock-wave application in an animal model of tendon calcification.
Extracorporeal shock-wave application facilitates dissolution of rotator cuff calcifications. Therefore, disappearance or disintegration of tendon calcifications by shock waves might be appropriateExpand
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Wildlife-transmitted Taenia and Versteria cysticercosis and coenurosis in humans and other primates
Wild mustelids and canids are definitive hosts of Taenia and Versteria spp. while rodents act as natural intermediate hosts. Rarely, larval stages of these parasites can cause serious zoonoses. InExpand
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Our measurements cover winter and summer conditions and middle as well as polar latitudes. Sulfur dioxide (SO2) was found to be mostly around several hundred parts per trillion by volume (pptv) inExpand
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[Modern surgery of meningiomas affecting anterior visual pathways].
Meningiomas are the most common form of primary intracranial tumors. If the anterior visual pathways are affected clinical visual compromise, visual field defects, oculomotor nerve disturbances orExpand
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Fieber nach Zeckenstich: Klinik und Diagnostik von akuten Zeckenstich-assoziierten Infektionskrankheiten in der Nordostschweiz
BACKGROUND Different tick-borne infections can cause an acute febrile illness. The study objectives were to investigate the clinical manifestations and diagnosis of infections among patients whoExpand
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Wissensverarbeitung und Expertensysteme
Unter Expertensystemen versteht man Programmsysteme, mit denen versucht wird, das Sachwissen von qualifizierten Fachleuten (menschlichen Experten) und ihre Fahigkeit, Schlussfolgerungen zu ziehen,Expand
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MoisturePlus contact lens solution as a source of acanthamoeba keratitis.
Recently, it was suggested that the use of the Advanced Medical Optics Complete MoisturePlus multipurpose cleaning solution might be a risk factor for contracting Acanthamoeba keratitis, and theExpand
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Bildverarbeitung und Bildanalyse
Viele Erkenntnisse und Entscheidungen ergeben sich im Alltag aufgrund visueller Information. Das rasche Erfassen und Beurteilen einer Situation aufgrund dessen, was man sieht, ist vielfach vonExpand
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