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Electrokinetics of the silica-solution interface: a flat plate streaming potential study
Details for the construction of a flat plate streaming potential apparatus are presented. Measurements using this apparatus on fused silica slides are reported and analyzed on the basis of a
Effect of power and frequency on bubble-size distributions in acoustic cavitation.
It was observed that the mean bubble size increased with increasing acoustic power and decreased with increasing ultrasound frequency, indicating that the two processes take place in different populations of cavitation bubbles in the system.
Determination of the size distribution of sonoluminescence bubbles in a pulsed acoustic field.
A simple method is described for determining the size of sonoluminescence bubbles generated by acoustic cavitation, and the bubble size determined in water was in the range of 2.8-3.7 mum.
Charge trapping in the reductive dissolution of colloidal suspensions of iron(III) oxides
Etude de la reduction d'une suspension de particule colloidale de α-Fe 2 O 3 et α-FeOOH par des radicaux de viologene. Determination des proprietes thermodynamiques
Sonochemical synthesis of gold nanoparticles: effects of ultrasound frequency.
The results suggest that the rate of Au(III) reduction as well as the size distribution of Au particles are governed by the chemical effects of cavitation and are not significantly affected by the physical effects accompanying ultrasound-induced cavitation.
Dynamic interactions between microbubbles in water
Direct measurements of the force between two bubbles in water under controlled collision conditions that are similar to Brownian particles in solution reveal no specific ion effects at high ionic strengths or any special role of thermal fluctuations in film thickness in triggering the onset of bubble coalescence.