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Blue Light-emitting Diode Light Irradiation of Seedlings Improves Seedling Quality and Growth after Transplanting in Red Leaf Lettuce
In this study, we determined the effects of raising seedlings with different light spectra such as with blue, red, and blue + red light-emitting diode (LED) lights on seedling quality and yield ofExpand
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Iron fortification of rice seed by the soybean ferritin gene
To improve the iron content of rice, we have transferred the entire coding sequence of the soybean ferritin gene into Oryza sativa (L. cv. Kita-ake) by Agrobacterium-mediated transformation. The riceExpand
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Iron accumulation does not parallel the high expression level of ferritin in transgenic rice seeds
To answer the question whether iron accumulation in transgenic rice seeds depends on the expression level of exogenous soybean ferritin, we generated two kinds of ferritin hyper-expressing rice linesExpand
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A Novel Plant Ferritin Subunit from Soybean That Is Related to a Mechanism in Iron Release*
Ferritin is a multimeric iron storage protein composed of 24 subunits. Ferritin purified from dried soybean seed resolves into two peptides of 26.5 and 28 kDa. To date, the 26.5-kDa subunit has beenExpand
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Effect of green light wavelength and intensity on photomorphogenesis and photosynthesis in Lactuca sativa
Abstract In this study, the effects of green light-emitting diodes (LEDs) with different peak wavelengths and light intensities on lettuce growth and photosynthesis were evaluated. The green LEDsExpand
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Crystal Structure of Plant Ferritin Reveals a Novel Metal Binding Site That Functions as a Transit Site for Metal Transfer in Ferritin*
Ferritins are important iron storage and detoxification proteins that are widely distributed in living kingdoms. Because plant ferritin possesses both a ferroxidase site and a ferrihydrite nucleationExpand
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Cadmium inducible Fe deficiency responses observed from macro and molecular views in tobacco plants
Responses induced by Cd exposure were assessed in tobacco seedlings (Nicotiana tabacum L.) using macro and molecular indices. The 100 μM of Cd exposure reduced the total dry weight and chlorophyllExpand
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Long-distance signals positively regulate the expression of iron uptake genes in tobacco roots
Long-distance signals generated in shoots are thought to be associated with the regulation of iron uptake from roots; however, the signaling mechanism is still unknown. To elucidate whether theExpand
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The universal mechanism for iron translocation to the ferroxidase site in ferritin, which is mediated by the well conserved transit site.
Ferritins are ubiquitous iron storage proteins. Recently, we identified a novel metal-binding site, transit site, in the crystal structure of phytoferritin. To elucidate the function of the transitExpand
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Evaluation of metabolic alteration in transgenic rice overexpressing dihydroflavonol-4-reductase.
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Previous studies have shown that transgenic rice plants overexpressing YK1, which possesses dihydroflavonol-4-reductase (DFR) activity, showed biotic and abiotic stress tolerance.Expand
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