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Tabu Search - Part II
  • F. Glover
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • INFORMS J. Comput.
  • 1 August 1989
This is the second half of a two part series devoted to the tabu search metastrategy for optimization problems. Expand
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A variety of combinatorial problems (e.g., in capital budgeting, scheduling, allocation) can be expressed as a linear integer programming problem. However, the standard devices for doing this oftenExpand
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In Modern Heuristic Techniques for Combinatorial Problems
A rock drill bit comprises a bit body and at least one rolling cone cutter mounted on the bit body, the rolling cone cutter comprising a plurality of tungsten carbide inserts including a plurality ofExpand
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Fundamentals of Scatter Search and Path Relinking
Abstract —The evolutionary approach called Scatter Search, and its generalized form called Path Relinking, have proved unusually effective for solving a diverse array of optimization problems fromExpand
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New ideas in optimization
Optimization is a pivotal aspect of software design. The techniques treated in this text represent research as elucidated by the leaders in the field. The optimization methods are applied to realExpand
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Simple but powerful goal programming models for discriminant problems
Abstract Conventional statistical analysis includes the capacity to systematically assign individuals to groups. We suggest alternative assignment procedures, utilizing a set of interrelated goalExpand
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Analyzing and Modeling the Maximum Diversity Problem by Zero‐One Programming*
The problem of maximizing diversity deals with selecting a set of elements from some larger collection such that the selected elements exhibit the greatest variety of characteristics. A new model isExpand
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Adaptive Memory Tabu Search for Binary Quadratic Programs
Recent studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of applying adaptive memory tabu search procedures to combinatorial optimization problems. In this paper we describe the development and use of suchExpand
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A Multiphase-Dual Algorithm for the Zero-One Integer Programming Problem
Following a line of approach recently applied to the 0-1 integer programming problem with some success by Egon Balas, the algorithm of this paper is based upon an underlying tree-search structureExpand
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New Ejection Chain and Alternating Path Methods for Traveling Salesman Problems
  • F. Glover
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Computer Science and Operations Research
  • 1992
We introduce new ejection chain heuristics designed to generate compound move neighborhoods with attractive properties for traveling salesman problems. Expand
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