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This paper proposes a class of surrogate constraint heuristics for obtaining approximate, near optimal solutions to integer programming problems. These heuristics are based on a simple framework thatExpand
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Handbook of metaheuristics
List of Contributing Authors. Preface. 1. Scatter Search and Path Relinking: Advances and Applications F. Glover, et al. 2. An Introduction to Tabu Search M. Grenreau. 3. Genetic Algorithms C.Expand
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Tabu Search: A Tutorial
Tabu search is a “higher level” heuristic procedure for solving optimization problems, designed to guide other methods (or their component processes) to escape the trap of local optimality. Expand
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Tabu Search and Adaptive Memory Programming — Advances, Applications and Challenges
We examine basic concepts and principles of tabu search, emphasizing those that have sometimes led to applying the label “adaptive memory programming” to this class of methods. Expand
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Critical Event Tabu Search for Multidimensional Knapsack Problems
We report a new approach to creating a tabu search method whose underlying memory mechanisms are organized around a strategic oscillation process that navigates both sides of the feasibility boundary and serves to define the critical events. Expand
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Scatter search and path relinking
The evolutionary approach called scatter search, and its generalized form called path relinking, originated from strategies for creating composite decision rules and surrogate constraints. RecentExpand
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Tabu Search Fundamentals and Uses
Tabu search has achieved widespread successes in solving practical optimization problems. Applications are rapidly growing in areas such as resource management, process design, logistics, technologyExpand
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Scatter search and star-paths: beyond the genetic metaphor
Scatter search and genetic algorithms have originated from somewhat different traditions and perspectives, yet exhibit features that are strongly complementary. Links between the approaches haveExpand
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Practical introduction to simulation optimization
The merging of optimization and simulation has seen a rapid growth in recent years. Expand
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Maximum matching in a convex bipartite graph
A special matching problem arising in industry is shown to be solvable by an algorithm of the form: match objects ai and bj if they satisfy a local optirnality criterion based on a ranking ofExpand
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