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Numerical Ecology with R
Numerical Ecology with R provides a long-awaited bridge between a textbook in Numerical Ecology and the implementation of this discipline in the R language. After short theoretical overviews, theExpand
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Modelling natural disturbances in forest ecosystems: a review
Natural disturbances play a key role in ecosystem dynamics and are important factors for sustainable forest ecosystem management. Quantitative models are frequently employed to tackle theExpand
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Occurrence of the wild vine Vitis vinifera ssp. silvestris in Europe
This paper summarizes the occurrence of the European wild vine - Vitis vinifera L. ssp. silvestris (Gmelin) Hegi - from bibliography and observations made in the framework of research on its ecologyExpand
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Heterogeneity of soil carbon pools and fluxes in a channelized and a restored floodplain section (Thur River, Switzerland)
Abstract. Due to their spatial complexity and dynamic nature, floodplains provide a wide range of ecosystem functions. However, because of flow regulation, many riverine floodplains have lost theirExpand
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Modelling vegetation dynamics in heterogeneous pasture-woodland landscapes
  • F. Gillet
  • Environmental Science
  • 24 September 2008
Abstract Recent knowledge about tree regeneration, shifting mosaic in the herb layer or complex interactions between cattle activities, vegetation and landscape structure has allowed the developmentExpand
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Simulation tools for decision support to adaptive forest management in Europe
In forest management there is a tendency towards measuring less and simulating more. Expand
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Modern pollen rain and fungal spore assemblages from pasture woodlands around Lake Saint-Point (France)
Modern analogs are commonly used to investigate the relationships between modern pollen rain and the surrounding present vegetation and to improve our interpretation of fossil data. We collectedExpand
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How elevated pCO2 modifies total and metabolically active bacterial communities in the rhizosphere of two perennial grasses grown under field conditions.
The response of total (DNA-based analysis) and active (RNA-based analysis) bacterial communities to a pCO2 increase under field conditions was assessed using two perennial grasses: the nitrophilicExpand
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Soil Microbial Community Changes in Wooded Mountain Pastures due to Simulated Effects of Cattle Grazing
The effect of cattle activity on pastures can be subdivided into three categories of disturbances: herbage removal, dunging and trampling. The objective of this study was to assess separately or inExpand
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