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Resistance of Cucurbita moschata to watermelon mosaic virus type 2 and its genetic relation to resistance to zucchini yellow mosaic virus
Results of linkage studies indicate that resistance to watermelon mosaic virus type 2 (WMV2) is conferred by the same gene, probably Zym, or perhaps by two closely linked genes. Expand
Inheritance of Resistance to Zucchini Yellow Fleck Virus in Cucumis sativus L.
In Fzand backcross populations involving TMG׫Marketer», the resistance to ZYFV was determined to be conferred by a single recessive gene, to which the symbol zyf is assigned. Expand
The Characterization of a Strain of Zucchini Yellow Fleck Virus Found in Southeastern France
The virus was found by SDS-immunodiffusion and DAS-ELISA to be serologically related but distinct from the type strain of zucchini yellow fleck virus from Italy (ZYFV-lt). Expand