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Supercooling and the Crystallization of Plagioclase from a Basaltic Magma
The liquidus temperature 0198 ~ and equilibrium phase relations of a sample of Columbia River basalt from the Picture Gorge section have been determined at I atmosphere by heating in a controlledExpand
Deep borehole disposal of nuclear waste: engineering challenges
In recent years, geological disposal of radioactive waste has focused on placement of high- and intermediate-level wastes in mined underground caverns at depths of 500–800 m. Notwithstanding theExpand
Convection and crystal settling in sills
It has been advocated that convective and crystal settling processes play significant, and perhaps crucial, roles in magmatic differentiation. The fluid dynamics of magma chambers have beenExpand
Chemistry of the Shiant Isles Main Sill, NW Scotland, and Wider Implications for the Petrogenesis of Mafic Sills
Major and trace element data for the Tertiary, Shiant Isles Main Sill, NW Scotland, are used to discuss its complex internal differentiation. Vertical sections through the sill exhibit sharp breaksExpand
Jurassic volcanic rocks of the northern North Sea
The lavas and minor intrusive rocks from the Jurassic volcanic province of the Forties-Piper area of the North Sea can be subdivided into three distinct series on the basis of petrography, whole-rockExpand
The Shiant Isles Main Sill: structure and mineral fractionation trends
Abstract The Shiant Isles Main Sill, of Tertiary age, is a classic example of a composite, differentiated alkaline basic sill. The first unit to be intruded was a 2 m thick olivine teschenite whichExpand
Magmatic Processes and Plate Tectonics
Item Type: Book Book Type: Edited Book Date Type: Publication Status: Published Schools: Earth and Ocean Sciences Subjects: Q Science > QE Geology Uncontrolled
High-density support matrices: Key to the deep borehole disposal of spent nuclear fuel
Deep (4–5 km) boreholes are emerging as a safe, secure, environmentally sound and potentially cost-effective option for disposal of high-level radioactive wastes, including plutonium. One reason thisExpand