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Opportunities for mesoscopics in thermometry and refrigeration: Physics and applications
This review presents an overview of the thermal properties of mesoscopic structures. The discussion is based on the concept of electron energy distribution, and, in particular, on controlling andExpand
Hot-electron effects in InAs nanowire Josephson junctions
AbstractThe controlled tailoring of the energy distribution in an electron system opens the way to interesting new physics and device concepts, as demonstrated by research on metallic nanodevicesExpand
The Josephson heat interferometer
In addition to confirming the existence of a phase-dependent thermal current unique to Josephson junctions, the results point the way towards the phase-coherent manipulation of heat in solid-state nanocircuits. Expand
Metallic supercurrent field-effect transistor
Field-effect control of the supercurrent in all-metallic transistors made of different Bardeen–Cooper–Schrieffer superconducting thin films shows a monotonic decay of the critical current under increasing electrostatic field up to total quenching for gate voltage values as large as ±40 V in titanium-based devices. Expand
Giant thermovoltage in single InAs nanowire field-effect transistors.
A novel estimate of the electron mobility is given that is compared with the result of standard field-effect based mobility estimates and discussed in relation to the effect of charge traps in the devices. Expand
A Josephson quantum electron pump
Electron pumps usually deliver small numbers of electrons by using strong Coulomb blockade to limit their flow under an applied bias. By periodically modulating the wavefunction of the electrons in aExpand
Revealing the magnetic proximity effect in EuS/Al bilayers through superconducting tunneling spectroscopy
A ferromagnetic insulator attached to a superconductor is known to induce an exchange splitting of the Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer (BCS) singularity by a magnitude proportional to the magnetization,Expand
Cooling electrons from 1 to 0.4 K with V-based nanorefrigerators
The fabrication and operation of V-based superconducting nanorefrigerators is reported. Specifically, electrons in an Al island are cooled, thanks to hot-quasiparticle extraction provided byExpand
Josephson current in nanofabricated V/Cu/V mesoscopic junctions
We report the fabrication of planar V/Cu/V mesoscopic Josephson weak links of different size and the analysis of their low-temperature behavior. The shorter junctions exhibit critical currents ofExpand
Nonlinear Critical-Current Thermal Response of an Asymmetric Josephson Tunnel Junction
We theoretically investigate the critical current of a thermally-biased SIS Josephson junction formed by electrodes made by different BCS superconductors. The response of the device is analyzed as aExpand