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3C syndrome: third occurrence of cranio‐cerebello‐cardiac dysplasia (Ritscher‐Schinzel syndrome)
We report a child with an unusual pattern of malformations: severe delay in bone maturation, wide fontanelles and facial dysmorphism (evoking cleidocranial dysplasia), relative macroencephaly withExpand
Static recoil of the lungs and static compliance in healthy children.
The static lung compliance was studied in 57 healthy children, 6 to 14 years old. A new method called ' end-expiratory-compliane' (C1 EE) has been developed and the results were compared to the dataExpand
Alteration of the infant's thorax during vaginal delivery.
Respiratory Studies in Children
The functional residual capacity (VFRc) was measured in ten normal adults and 23 normal children (11 girls and 12 boys), ranging in age from 6‐15 years by a closed circuit method with helium as theExpand
Effect of cisapride on gastroesophageal reflux in children with chronic bronchopulmonary disease: A double‐blind cross‐over pH‐monitoring study
Fourteen patients with chronic bronchopulmonary disease and suspected of having gastroesophageal reflux were studied for 16 hr by intraesophageal pH monitoring to investigate the effect of theExpand
Respiratory studies in newborns.
Lung Distensibility and Airway Function in Asthmatic Children
ABSTRACT. Lung distensibility and airway mechanics were evaluated in 24 asthmatic children and adolescents, ages between 7 and 21 years, by quasi-static pressure-volume curves and by the staticExpand
Effects of methylprednisolone on the Fc‐receptor function of human reticuloendothelial system in vivo
Abstract. To determine whether the Fc‐receptor function of reticuloendothelial system (RES) is modified by corticosteroid administration, we studied the spleen to liver uptake ratios of autologous,Expand
Respiratory Studies in Children III. Variability of the Lung Volumes in Healthy Children
1. The day‐today physiological variations of the lung volumes were studied in healthy boys and girls. The results were compared with the ones obtained in healthy adults.
Alveolar data in healthy, awake neonates during spontaneous ventilation: A preliminary investigation
A computerized method for the measurement of alveolar ventilation (VA) and the mean alveolar partial pressures of CO2 and O2 is described and tested in healthy, awake fullterm (FT) newborns andExpand