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Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy of Organic Radicals
Preface.Abbreviations and Symbols.A. GENERAL PART.1. Physical Fundamentals of Electron Spin Resonance.2. Paramagnetic Organic Species and Their Generation.3. Electron-Nuclear Magnetic Interaction.4.Expand
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High resolution E.S.R. spectroscopy
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Eigenwerte, Eigenfunktionen und thermodynamische Funktionen des linearen Oszillators 6ter Potenz
A previously described method for the automatic calculation of the eigenvalues of a particle moving in a potential expressible as V(ξ) = υ1ξ + υ2ξ2 + … + υk ξk (k even) has been applied to calculateExpand
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Elektronenstruktur und physikalisch‐chemische Eigenschaften von Azo‐Verbindungen. Teil VIII: Die konjugaten Säuren des trans‐ und des cis‐ Azobenzols
The structure IVa, proposed by JAFFE, GARDNER and SI-JUNG YEH for the conjugate acid of trans-azobenzene, is shown to be untenable. Experimental evidence of various kinds proves that in the conjugateExpand
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Benzannelated [2.2]paracyclophanes: synthesis and electronic properties
Mono- and dibenzoannelated [2.2]paracyclophanes 12 and 1 were synthesized by palladium-catalyzed two- and four-fold alkenylation of vicinal dibromides didehydro[2.2]orthocyclophane and tetrabromidesExpand
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Five redox stages of tetraoxaporphyrin: a UV/visible/near-IR, ESR, and MO theoretical study
Starting from the dication of tetraoxaporphyrin and the corresponding neutral compound, i.e., tetraoxaisophlorin, three further redox stages were generated: the radical cation, the radical anion, andExpand
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Elektronenstruktur und physikalisch‐chemische Eigenschaften von Azo‐Verbindungen Teil V: Über den Einfluss von Substituenten auf das Absorptions‐Spektrum des Phenyl‐azo‐azulens, ein Beitrag zur
It is shown that for phenyl-azo-azulenes substituted in the benzene nucleus (1) the position ṼB.I of the band corresponding to the long-wave transition depends linearly on the Hammett σx value ofExpand
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"Electromers" of the tetramethyleneethane radical cation and their nonexistence in the octamethyl derivative: interplay of experiment and theory.
Bicyclopropylidene 1a and its octamethyl derivative 1b are subjected to ionization by X-irradiation in solid argon. In accord with previous experiments, this treatment leads to the spontaneousExpand
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