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Einstein–Bohr recoiling double-slit gedanken experiment performed at the molecular level
The authors observe electron interference using the Auger electron emitted from an O2 molecule ionized by a soft X-ray photon. The interference disappears when the location of the O+ can be
Young's double-slit experiment using core-level photoemission from N2: revisiting Cohen–Fano's two-centre interference phenomenon
The core-level photoelectron spectra of N2 molecules are observed at high energy resolution, resolving the 1σg and 1σu components as well as the vibrational components in the extended energy region
High resolution X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy on nitrogen molecules
AbstractThis paper summarizes recent developments for experimental and theoretical studies on core-level photoelectron spectroscopy of N2. Analysis of experimental spectra reveals that the 1σg and
Theory and first principles calculations of dissociative resonant photoionization: The evolution of atomic peaks and holes
We present theory and computational method for analyzing dissociative resonant photoemission from first principles. Particular emphasis is devoted to the conditions for observing so-called atomic p
Interference modulation in the vibrationally resolved photoionization of the 1σgand 1σucore levels of the N2molecule
The ratios of photoionization cross sections of the 1σg and 1σu shells of the N2 molecule for the vibrational transitions to the v' = 0 and v' = 1 core-ionized states in the photon energy region
Light-induced diffusion of gases
Two-photon absorption properties of two-dimensional π-conjugated chromophores: combined experimental and theoretical study.
Calculations for two noncentrosymmetric TPEBs reveal that the diminished TPA intensities of higher-energy bands result from destructive interference between the dipolar and three-state terms.