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Cloning, mapping and expression analysis of barley MADS-box genes
Seven barley MADS-box genes were isolated by heterologous screening from a barley inflorescence cDNA library and grouped into three distinct phylogenetic subclasses of the MADs-box gene family, which includes BM1, BM3 and BM8, which are mapped by analysis of single-nucleotide polymorphisms onto barley chromosomes 4, 2 and 7.
Isolation and molecular characterization of a new vegetative MADS-box gene from Solanum tuberosum L.
Cladistic analysis arising from amino acid sequence comparison revealed thatSTMADS11 shows the highest similarity to STMADS16, another vegetative MADS-box gene from potato, and to the previously reported “orphan” genes AGL15 and AGL17 from Arabidopsis thaliana.
Characterization of the potato MADS-box gene STMADS16 and expression analysis in tobacco transgenic plants
A new MADS-box gene, STMADS16, has been cloned in Solanum tuberosum L. that is expressed in all vegetative tissues of the plant, mainly in the stem, but not in flower organs, and confers vegetative features to the flower.
DNA Sequencing Sensors: An Overview
This article provides a comprehensive overview on sensors for DNA sequencing developed within the last 40 years thanks to continuous advances in the fields of biochemistry and molecular genetics, but also in other areas such as nanotechnology and computing.