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Phase-modulation fluorescence lifetime immunoassay of dichlorprop.
A homogeneous immunofluorimetric technique to determine dichlorprop herbicide is described, and the fractional contributions of both species, free and bound, to the total lifetime measured by demodulation permit quantitative calculation of the two components.
Enhanced spectrofluorimetric determination of the pesticide warfarin by means of the inclusion complex with beta-cyclodextrin.
The spectral changes associated with the inclusion process allowed a value of 160 l mol-1 to be obtained for the complexation constant, and the method was applied satisfactorily to the determination of warfarin in irrigation water.
Determination of asulam by fast stopped-flow chemiluminescence inhibition of luminol/peroxidase.
An efficient, sensitive and fast stopped-flow method has been developed to determine asulam in water, based on its inhibition effect on the horseradish peroxidase-luminol-hydrogen peroxide
Variable-angle synchronous fluorescence spectrometry and rank annihilation methods for mixture resolution.
The potential of variable angle synchronous spectroscopy for fluorescent mixtures resolution was assessed and compared with the rank annihilation method (RAM) and quantitative results show poor precision and accuracy when compared to those of VASS.
Chemiluminometric Determination of the Pesticide Pirimicarb by a Flow Injection Analysis Assembly
Abstract A flow injection (FI) method is described for the determination of pirimicarb. It was found that an enhanced chemiluminescence (CL) signal is obtained when employing the
Modulated anisotropy fluorescence for quantitative determination of carbaryl and benomyl.
The results demonstrate that modulation anisotropy ratio measurements can be used for quantitative determination of small analytes, carbaryl and benomyl, having identical or nearly identical fluorescence spectra.
Enhancement and inhibition of luminol chemiluminescence by phenolic acids.
Direct relationships between the redox character of the phenolic acids and the enhancement or inhibition of the chemiluminescence of the luminol-H2O2-peroxidase system are found and a mechanism to explain these phenomena is proposed.
Photophysical behaviour of 2-(dimethylamino)-fluorene in organised assemblies
The effects of cyclodextrins and TX-100 micelles on the fluorescent properties of 2-(dimethylamino)-fluorene (DAF) were studied. The photophysical properties of DAF in the micelle aggregates and
Resolution of (+)-cinchonine and (-)-cinchonidine by phase-modulation fluorescence spectroscopy.
Results indicate that frequency domain fluorimetry is useful to resolve stereomeric compounds for determination without physical separation.
Residue determination of the plant growth regulator naphthylacetic acid in spiked apple samples
Abstract1-Naphthylacetic acid (NAA) residues in apples have been determined by direct, first and second derivative spectrofluorimetry, without need for cleanup procedures. The experimental variables