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Study on integrated control of active front steer angle and direct yaw moment
This study proposes a control system to improve vehicle handling and stability under severe driving conditions by actively controlling the front steering angle and the distribution of braking forcesExpand
A finite deformation stress-dependent chemical potential and its applications to lithium ion batteries
This paper reports the development of a new stress-dependent chemical potential for solid state diffusion under multiple driving forces including mechanical stresses. The new stress-dependentExpand
Pd-Au bimetallic catalysts: understanding alloy effects from planar models and (supported) nanoparticles.
Pd-Au bimetallic catalysts often display enhanced catalytic activities and selectivities compared with Pd-alone catalysts, often caused by two alloy effects, i.e., ensemble and ligand effects. Expand
Pyrolysis of Waste Plastics into Fuels
Use of Moderate-Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer bidirectional reflectance distribution function products to enhance simulated surface albedos
[1] Moderate-Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) surface albedo at high spatial and spectral resolution is compared with other remotely sensed climatologies, ground-based data, and albedosExpand
Interface-reaction controlled diffusion in binary solids with applications to lithiation of silicon in lithium-ion batteries
Abstract Solid state diffusion in a binary system, such as lithiation into crystalline silicon, often involves two symbiotic processes, namely, interfacial chemical reaction and bulk diffusion.Expand
Ordered SBA-15 nanorod arrays inside a porous alumina membrane.
The synthesized alumina membrane with mesoporous SBA-15 inside combines the advantages of porous alumina membranes and mesopores and provides fine and vertical mesochannels, which may serve as a new and efficient mold and lead to extensive applications in nanodevice fabrication, biomacromolecule separations, etc. Expand
A Two-Phase Flowback Model for Multiscale Diffusion and Flow in Fractured Shale Gas Reservoirs
A shale gas reservoir is usually hydraulically fractured to enhance its gas production. When the injection of water-based fracturing fluid is stopped, a two-phase flowback is observed at the wellboreExpand
Dimension measurement of hot large forgings with a novel time-of-flight system
The dimension measurement of hot large forgings is necessary for process control and product quality. However, the conventional technique in forging plants leads to a high scrap rate of rawExpand
Underwater oil jet: Hydrodynamics and droplet size distribution
Abstract We conducted a large scale experiment of underwater oil release of 6.3 L/s through a 25.4 mm (one inch) horizontal pipe. Detailed measurements of plume trajectory, velocity, oil droplet sizeExpand