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Dendrimer modified magnetite nanoparticles for protein immobilization.
A cascading polyamidoamine (PAMAM) dendrimer was synthesized on the surface of magnetite nanoparticles to allow enhanced immobilization of bovine serum albumin (BSA) and exponential doubling of the surface amine was revealed. Expand
Magnetic polymer nanospheres with high and uniform magnetite content
Magnetic polymer nanospheres with high and uniform magnetite content were synthesized using a new process based on miniemulsion polymerization, where a stable water-based dispersion of sodium dodecylExpand
High-Q lithium niobate microdisk resonators on a chip for efficient electro-optic modulation.
Electro-optic modulation with an effective resonance-frequency tuning rate of 3.0 GHz/V was demonstrated in the fabricated LN microdisk resonator. Expand
Engineering hybrid nanotube wires for high-power biofuel cells.
Under physiological conditions, the maximum power density of a miniature membraneless glucose/oxygen CNT biofuel cell exceeds by far the power density obtained for the current state of art carbon fibre biofuel cells. Expand
Low-Temperature Pd/Zeolite Passive NOx Adsorbers: Structure, Performance, and Adsorption Chemistry
Pd/zeolite passive NOx adsorber (PNA) materials were prepared with solution ion-exchange between NH4/zeolites (Beta, ZSM-5, and SSZ-13) and PdCl2 solutions. The nature of Pd (dispersion,Expand
Life Cycle Energy Consumption and Carbon Dioxide Emission of Residential Building Designs in Beijing
This study is based on the three types of residential buildings with framework structures in Beijing: concrete framework construction (CFC), light‐gauge steel framework construction (SFC), and woodExpand
Fluoroimmunoassay for antigen based on fluorescence quenching signal of gold nanoparticles.
A unique, sensitive, and highly specific fluoroimmunoassay system for antigen detection using gold and magnetic nanoparticles has been developed and can be extended to detect target molecules with matched antibodies and has broad potential applications in immunoassays and disease diagnosis. Expand
Multifunctional carbon nanotubes for direct electrochemistry of glucose oxidase and glucose bioassay.
Polydopamine has recently been shown to adsorb to a wide variety of surfaces and serves as an adhesion layer to immobilize biological molecules, providing a promising platform for the development of biosensors and biofuel cells. Expand
Preparation and photoabsorption characterization of BiFeO3 nanowires
Perovskite-type polycrystalline BiFeO3 (BFO) nanowires (∼50nm in diameter and ∼5μm in length) were synthesized using the anodized alumina template technique. An energy band gap of ∼2.5eV wasExpand